I often see that most of our criticisms toward others has to do with the fact that they do not look nor act like us. Jesus once said, I make all things new…not all things you! God longs to manifest His spirit through your unique expression. There will never be another Smith Wigglesworth though I long to manifest Gods glory like him. Never again will we see another Wesley, Finney, Katherine, or Bonnke. Instead, He desires to do a new thing.

Let us cease from being critics of others and even ourselves. As we gaze into the Glory of the King, He releases His Spirit to manifest through our person. Let us position our hearts to be instruments of Righteousness, revealing the Gold trapped within people. Conformity and unity must only be gathered around Jesus, not a person but a King. This allows His good works to be uniquely manifested through individual callings.

Awareness to His Presence 

Jacob once said, “Surely the presence of the Lord was here and I knew it not!” The awareness of His presence is most vital for transformation. Without His presence, we are left with only the reflections of mere men. They become the wood, hay, and stubble that we attempt to build with. These materials absorb light and give little to no reflection. They are self-centered methods to obtain righteousness. They will never withstand the all-consuming presence of the Father.
When we choose to abide in His presence we are completely transformed from glory to glory into His Image. God adorns His temple, his people with gold, silver and precious stones as we walk in obedience to His work, perfecting His creation to be reflections of His glory. All three of these become perfect reflections of what we behold. As we abide the world see expressed images of Christ manifest glory!

Press on today! Strive, labor to enter into this rest. Jesus is here and now. Eye has not seen, ear has not heard all Gods plans for you, but His Spirit has! Pass through His gates with thanksgiving, through His courts with praise, straight into His sanctuary. Now, stand in his glory!!!


The war on marriage was not when the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage though it is a battle against what God originally intended. It started when the church started entering into covenants that were easily broken. We the Church have turned marriage into the lust of the flesh and not the fruits of His spirit. Why? Because men stopped dying for their wives and started emphasizing that wives should submit to their husband. While the wives submitting is true, men are to die first. We as men are to have a sacrificial love that serves and stewards our wives hearts.

We have also turned dating into what I call practicing divorce. We go from one person to another trying to be fulfilled by the lust of the flesh only to find they can not fill the desire of your heart. So they leave on a pursuit of another while building a stronghold within their hearts to never submit in a relationship and to grow in love.

I want you to see this picture. Adam was not seeking Eve. Adam was fulfilled in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. That’s why the Father did not create Eve outside of Adam. Instead, He created Eve out of Adam’s fullness. See you will always struggle in marriage if your goal is to be fulfilled by your spouse. We were created to be fulfilled by Christ and communion with the Father. You are to owe nothing to your spouse but to love them as Christ loves His church. DENY YOURSELF!!!

Stockholm Update!

So there are many things I could say about this city. One thing is it’s beautiful. The architecture. The seascape. Even the economy. It’s like everyone’s on the same playing field here. All these things from a earthly standpoint are things we desire. Healthcare to education, they are figuring it out and giving in to their people. This is one of the cleanest cities I have been in. Did you know that less then 5% waste makes it to the landfills. Wow!

So how does this play into the gospel you might ask? Well, how do you tell a people who think that life is great that they’re missing the most important part of their life. After being rejected preaching the gospel again and again, told that Jesus is rubbish, that Jesus can’t save us, your heart breaks. A people parish from a lack of knowledge. Their love, their joy is nothing but conditional. Behind the mask is a broken, hungry generation, looking for something real.
See, they have been so conditioned by society that they can have everything and if they don’t the government will help them. The government even helps them with religion by giving them the state-sponsored church. They regulate what can be taught to appease their own convictions while hiding the true gospel which is a rock of offensive toward a dead soulish nature.

Religion has a distinct sour taste to this culture. The idea of conforming to a Jesus is more then many want to bare. The question is what Jesus are they being asked to conform to. Society and culture have so abandoned the Jesus of the gospel to a deist personality that makes Jesus to be nothing more than a warmonger, a political chess piece moved by countries to control and manipulate people into submission.

How do you take an “evolved” country, an atheist country, and shape it into a move of God? Well, William Booth said it best when he said, “Many spend their time petitioning God to move not realizing that they are the the move of God!” We as the church have built religion on one platform. We shout it from the streets, “Repent, so that you might go to heaven!” But that’s not the gospel. The gospel was never about getting to heaven. It was about heaven getting into you. Spurgeon once wrote, ” It takes little faith to get to heaven, but it takes great faith to get heaven into you!”

The gospel was and is about heaven invading our soul and flesh. Repent for the Kingdom is here! It’s NOW!!! So how do you bring the gospel to a culture who thinks they have it all. You day by day pull the vail from their eyes. You walk in love, joy, and peace everyday in front of them. They truly lack peace. See peace isn’t “everyone is happy because everyone got what they wanted.” That’s not peace. That is circumstantial happiness. Peace is from the Hebrew word Shalom. This word means literally we destroy the authority in our lives connected to chaos and confusion. It means we replace one kingdom with heaven’s kingdom.
Revivals are not carted in on ministries. They rarely last. David once tried to bring the presence of God on a cart… it ended badly. The presence like the ark had to be varied by men into Jerusalem. The presence and revival is always carried by men and women. There are not great men of God in this world. There are only men and woman who have yielded to a great God. God is looking for the hungry and pure in heart.

In Stockholm there is a storm. This storm is a raging pillar of fire. See the government regulated church but God raised up another church. It’s called the free church. Men and women of God who are positioning themselves to become the move of God. They are the foundation of revival. This revival will not come from the select few screaming fire and proclaiming Jesus from the streets (things I love to do). No, this is going to be different.

Jesus came one day to pursue his disciples. Mathew said that he came first to Peter and Andrew as they were casting their nets and said “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men”! These are the fire starters. They are anointed to break the yokes and bonds of even the hardest of hearts. Next Jesus went to the boat of John and James. This is the beauty of this story. John and James where with their Father mending nets. They were the mender of nets, they became the pillar of the church. Peter and Andrew were the casters of nets. Revival must have both. They must have fire starters and the Fathers. John and James became the Fathers of the a movement. They were boasters of Jesus love. Peter and Andrew were the boasters their love for Jesus. One is not more correct then the other. But both are needed to destroy hell on earth.

So I see Fathers and Mothers rising up in Sweden. Ones who have not only experienced love but have become the love of God. They are mending the nets for a great harvest. Soon this gospel with be preached in the streets bringing great conviction all over Sweden. Many will repent in the street with many tears. But first the Fathers and mothers must arise to build the nets. And the fire starters must be the bellows blowing across the hearts of the land, positioning the church to become the move of God.





It seems that every time I talk about love I get people who get offended. If I say God is love, someone will say he is judgment and justice. So what is love? God is love according to John. Paul states, He chose us in Him before the foundations of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in Love.
Before the foundations of the world, God chooses you to be found in Christ so that you might experience his love.

So what is love again? God! So he is the definition of LOVE. But wait, there is another definition of love in the bible. The love of this world. To love this world (it’s fallen state) is to be an enemy of God. It’s the way that seems right to a man. It leads to death. It’s about fulfilling yourself apart from God.

There is a love that is not good because it is not of God. See you can never love God with all your heart with this love. This love is more about you getting to heaven then it is about a relationship and knowing the eternal God. It’s more about survival and escaping judgment then it’s about being in the arms of a loving Father.

This love will never satisfy the Father. There is only one love that’s worthy enough, holy enough, perfect enough…It’s Jesus! God can only receive himself. So I can only love God with all my heart by first allowing all of Gods love to transform me. This is what John meant by saying, “we love Him because He first loved us!”
His love is transformational! Once you have received this love nothing can ever separate you from it. Life, death, satan, nothing can stand against it. His love is what holds the universe together. For God so loved…

See God is love! Now some will say he is holy. That’s the truth. Gods love is WHOLE (holy), love is JUSTICE (Just-if-i-had-not-sinned), love is judgment (he loved creation so he destroyed the power of darkness). Love destroyed all sin so humanity without excuse could receive his love, so they might become one with God. See, how could God hate himself? See you are his image. Sin and death destroyed it but God reconciled it through the cross for those who believe. Why would you want to return to death when Christ has come to give you life. Sin has been destroyed through this act of obedience.

This truth is not only positional but it is pursued. Christ is the Sabbath rest. We are to cease from our works and we take on his finished work. We allow his transformational love to purify our hearts.

So Gods love is fire. I find when John the Baptist said he will baptize you in Holy Spirit and fire, that this was a baptism of his love. When the fire of God hits you, you desire nothing but his presence. You become perfect as he is perfect (Matt 5:48), Holy as he is Holy (Col 1:24), As he is in heaven so are we on this earth (1 John 4:17). Goodness and mercy follow you. You hate sin and desire righteousness! GLORY TO GOD!!!


Church Arise

Jesus did not spend his days obsessing over Caesar! He was about His Fathers business. The next president is not going to determine the spiritual direction of this country… The church will! For good or bad. Saints doing nothing but fretting over the times will never save a soul.


If you’re questioning in your heart whether you have an offense or not ask yourself this, “why do I feel the need to justify myself?”. Remember that love keeps no record of a suffered wrong.

Jesus never had to justify himself. His love actions proved that he saw the value of man apart from performance. Grace and truth manifested through love will always be the test of our faith. Our ability to love in spite of the offense is what makes us Christ-like.


“Ring the bells that still can ring

Forget your perfect offering

There is a crack in everything

That’s how the light gets in”…            -Leonard Cohen

As a recovering perfectionist, I used to struggle with being perfect and doing perfectly. All futile attempts. But my awareness of my weakness and need allows room for God to break through, to me and through me.

That’s how His glorious light gets in. Jesus clothed us in perfect grace, righteousness and belonging and still extends the invitation to partake of kingdom life that is at hand daily when we look to Him.

Dispose of all pride of self and place confidence in Him who will build something more beautiful than you could have achieved of your own. In your weakness, He is strong. It’s where the supernatural, wisdom, strength, and breakthroughs are attained. The resurrection, repentance…life. Realize that you don’t have to be perfect to be found perfect by Him and to live greatly. Beauty spills out of people who offer themselves and imperfectly rest on a perfect savior.

His perfect light, shining through imperfect vessels. – Cessna Kelley