Performance over Praise

David the psalmist once worshiped and praised before the Presence of God ushering it into Jerusalem. His extravagant praise drew criticism from his wife who was cursed with barrenness for her judgment. David later in his life wrote that God himself enthrones Himself upon the praise of His people.

The problem I see with in most churches is that we had traded praise for performance. Leaving little for God to enthrone Himself upon. To loose His presence is to preform. But who are we performing for?

Samson through disobedience lost the presence of God. The Bible records the story in a interesting way. The very enemy that Samson was given the strength (that came through God’s presence) to destroy now called upon Samson to perform and entertain them. The most amazing thing is…he did.

I find that churches across the States are not entertaining angels but demons. Performance is demonic. We are not called to perform but to minister to the Father. Do not allow your church to become a hospice where people come to die. Instead dance, praise, worship into a place of Divine presence.

We please God most, not by frantically trying to make ourselves good, but by throwing ourselves into His arms.


I often see that most of our criticisms toward others has to do with the fact that they do not look nor act like us. Jesus once said, I make all things new…not all things you! God longs to manifest His spirit through your unique expression. There will never be another Smith Wigglesworth though I long to manifest Gods glory like him. Never again will we see another Wesley, Finney, Katherine, or Bonnke. Instead He desires to do a new thing. 
Let us cease from being critics of others and even ourselves. As we gaze into the Glory of the King, He releases His Spirit to manifest through our person. Let us position our hearts to be instruments of Righteousness, revealing the Gold trapped within people. Conformity and unity must only be gathered around Jesus, not a person but a King. This allows His good works to be uniquely manifested through individual callings.

Awareness to His Presence 

Jacob once said, “Surly the presence of the Lord was here and I knew it not!” The awareness of His presence is most vital for transformation. Without His presence we are left with only the reflections of mere men. They become the wood, hay, and stubble that we attempt to build with. These materials absorb light and give little to no reflection. They are self centered methods to obtain righteousness. They will never withstand the all consuming presence of the Father. 
When we choose to abide in His presence we are completely transformed from glory to glory into His Image. God adorns His temple, his people with gold, silver and precious stones as we walk in obedience to His work, perfecting His creation to be reflections of His glory. All three of these become perfect reflections of what we behold. As we abide the world see expressed images of Christ manifest glory!

Press on today! Strive, labor to enter into this rest. Jesus is here and now. Eye has not seen, ear has not heard all Gods plans for you, but His Spirit has! Pass through His gates with thanksgiving, through His courts with praise, straight into His sanctuary. Now, stand in his glory!!!


The war on marriage was not when the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage though it is a battle against what God originally intended. It started when the church started entering in to covenants that were easily broken. We the Church have turned marriage into the lust of the flesh and not the fruits of His spirit. Why? Because men stopped dying for their wives and started emphasizing that wives should submit to their husband. While the wives submitting is true, men are to die first. We as men are to have sacrificial love that serves and stewards our wives hearts. 
We have also turned dating into what I call practicing divorce. We go from one person to another trying to be fulfilled by the lust of the flesh only to find they can not fill the desire of your heart. So they leave on a pursuit of another while building a stronghold within their hearts to never submit in relationship and to grow in love. 
I want you to see this picture. Adam was not seeking Eve. Adam was fulfilled in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. That’s why the Father did not create Eve outside of Adam. Instead He created Eve out of Adam’s fullness. See you will always struggle in marriage if your goal it to be fulfilled by your spouse. We were created to be fulfilled by Christ and communion with the Father. You are to owe nothing to your spouse but to love them as Christ loves His church. DENY YOURSELF!!!