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Beautiful Testimonies

Here are a few testimonies of God touching the youth in Denmark with the power of Holy Spirit.

The Anointing and the Gift

Ok family, lets talk about some things. One of the things that has been on my heart lately is the topic of the ANOINTING and GIFTINGS. So lets first look at anointing. So in the Old Testament Priest or Prophets would often take people…

Obedience to Holy Spirit

Do you need Prayer? Jan 16th, 2018

Knowing the Truth


There is no fire in hell that can touch you if you Jesus Christ is your Lord. He will cloth you in righteousness and not one hair head will be burned. No matter the difficulty of your circumstance, rather it be like the 3…

The intoxicating presence of Holy Spirit

Lets Talk

Holy Spirit


  ****PLEASE LISTEN CHURCH**** I see a divide happening within the body between the new emerging leaders of a Jesus Centered Movement and the remnants of 3 decades of the greatest explosion and prosperity of church history in America. What I am saying is…

Performance over Praise

David the psalmist once worshiped and praised before the Presence of God ushering it into Jerusalem. His extravagant praise drew criticism from his wife who was cursed with barrenness for her judgment. David later in his life wrote that God himself enthrones Himself upon…

Walking in Forgiveness