Jacob once said, “Surely the presence of the Lord was here and I knew it not!” The awareness of His presence is most vital for transformation. Without His presence, we are left with only the reflections of mere men. They become the wood, hay, and stubble that we attempt to build with. These materials absorb light and give little to no reflection. They are self-centered methods to obtain righteousness. They will never withstand the all-consuming presence of the Father.
When we choose to abide in His presence we are completely transformed from glory to glory into His Image. God adorns His temple, his people with gold, silver and precious stones as we walk in obedience to His work, perfecting His creation to be reflections of His glory. All three of these become perfect reflections of what we behold. As we abide the world see expressed images of Christ manifest glory!

Press on today! Strive, labor to enter into this rest. Jesus is here and now. Eye has not seen, ear has not heard all Gods plans for you, but His Spirit has! Pass through His gates with thanksgiving, through His courts with praise, straight into His sanctuary. Now, stand in his glory!!!

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