The war on marriage was not when the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage though it is a battle against what God originally intended. It started when the church started entering into covenants that were easily broken. We the Church have turned marriage into the lust of the flesh and not the fruits of His spirit. Why? Because men stopped dying for their wives and started emphasizing that wives should submit to their husband. While the wives submitting is true, men are to die first. We as men are to have a sacrificial love that serves and stewards our wives hearts.

We have also turned dating into what I call practicing divorce. We go from one person to another trying to be fulfilled by the lust of the flesh only to find they can not fill the desire of your heart. So they leave on a pursuit of another while building a stronghold within their hearts to never submit in a relationship and to grow in love.

I want you to see this picture. Adam was not seeking Eve. Adam was fulfilled in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. That’s why the Father did not create Eve outside of Adam. Instead, He created Eve out of Adam’s fullness. See you will always struggle in marriage if your goal is to be fulfilled by your spouse. We were created to be fulfilled by Christ and communion with the Father. You are to owe nothing to your spouse but to love them as Christ loves His church. DENY YOURSELF!!!

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