It seems that every time I talk about love I get people who get offended. If I say God is love, someone will say he is judgment and justice. So what is love? God is love according to John. Paul states, He chose us in Him before the foundations of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in Love.
Before the foundations of the world, God chooses you to be found in Christ so that you might experience his love.

So what is love again? God! So he is the definition of LOVE. But wait, there is another definition of love in the bible. The love of this world. To love this world (it’s fallen state) is to be an enemy of God. It’s the way that seems right to a man. It leads to death. It’s about fulfilling yourself apart from God.

There is a love that is not good because it is not of God. See you can never love God with all your heart with this love. This love is more about you getting to heaven then it is about a relationship and knowing the eternal God. It’s more about survival and escaping judgment then it’s about being in the arms of a loving Father.

This love will never satisfy the Father. There is only one love that’s worthy enough, holy enough, perfect enough…It’s Jesus! God can only receive himself. So I can only love God with all my heart by first allowing all of Gods love to transform me. This is what John meant by saying, “we love Him because He first loved us!”
His love is transformational! Once you have received this love nothing can ever separate you from it. Life, death, satan, nothing can stand against it. His love is what holds the universe together. For God so loved…

See God is love! Now some will say he is holy. That’s the truth. Gods love is WHOLE (holy), love is JUSTICE (Just-if-i-had-not-sinned), love is judgment (he loved creation so he destroyed the power of darkness). Love destroyed all sin so humanity without excuse could receive his love, so they might become one with God. See, how could God hate himself? See you are his image. Sin and death destroyed it but God reconciled it through the cross for those who believe. Why would you want to return to death when Christ has come to give you life. Sin has been destroyed through this act of obedience.

This truth is not only positional but it is pursued. Christ is the Sabbath rest. We are to cease from our works and we take on his finished work. We allow his transformational love to purify our hearts.

So Gods love is fire. I find when John the Baptist said he will baptize you in Holy Spirit and fire, that this was a baptism of his love. When the fire of God hits you, you desire nothing but his presence. You become perfect as he is perfect (Matt 5:48), Holy as he is Holy (Col 1:24), As he is in heaven so are we on this earth (1 John 4:17). Goodness and mercy follow you. You hate sin and desire righteousness! GLORY TO GOD!!!

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