The Father wants not just a bride who is spotless and holy in the spirit but one who walks out the faith producing fruits of holiness in the soul and body. I see so many trying to find the right method or trying to think good thoughts about Jesus…but all those actions fall short of the glory that comes through encountering his presence.

If the so-called good news your hearing only boast about your identity apart from denying yourself…it’s false! We are to boast only of the Father and Christ.

If the focus is all about grace apart from faith…it’s false! Without faith, it is impossible to please God.

If everyone is included in his death, burial, and resurrection apart from believing…it’s false! All have died with Christ but not all have risen into eternal life.

If hell is none existent or just a place of refining till repentance…it’s False! God created hell for the devil and his fallen angels and man chooses to accompany them because he chooses darkness over light.

The Holy Spirit is not here to make you drunk, wacked, wasted, high, and any other fleshly adjective you can come up with. He is here to reconcile your heart and body into Sonship. Falling in his presence is revelatory. Heaven is invading you with Gods goodness to take you into greater levels of repentance.

God is love and his love is holy. He hates sin! He desires his people to be love and their love also to be holy. That means love is not a casual slap on the back or even a quick judgment. It’s a ministry of reconciliation!

It all starts with “God is Good, and your mercy endures forever!” Seek him. That means get off your phone, turn off the tv. Choose relationship and stop trying to multitask God in your life and then question while there is zero power flowing into your life. Today make a choice to choose Jesus. The only way, truth, and light!!!

One thought on “Rise up!

  1. That is so true. Thank you for sharing that word. We must choose to love even if we don’t get love back. That’s what Jesus did.

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