There was an a great revelation that was brought to my attention the other day. It comes from the story of Samson. Samson was anointed by God as a judge over Israel and one who was to deliver them from the bondage of the Philistines including killing thousands with a jaw bone of a donkey. He did mighty exploits for God in hopes that Israel would find their dependence in God. 
God did set a few boundaries for Samson not to cross. One was that he was never to drink wine and the other was not to cut his hair. 
One day Samson met a woman named Delilah. She was paid by the Philistines to find his weakness so they might over take him. In a moment of weakness he revealed the source of his strength. Just so you know it had less to do with wine and hair and more to do with obedience. Delilah then cut his hair while he slept and he lost the anointing for his supernatural strength and the enemy overtook him and cut out his eyes. 
Later as he was being held prisoner by the enemy they asked if Samson could be brought out for a celebration that they were having so that he might perform for them while they mocked. So he entertained them in his shame. Later unknowing to the enemy his hair began to grow back and his anointing came with his cries of repentance and he pushed the pillars that supported the building the celebration took place in causing it to collapse on himself and the enemy killing them all. 
There are a couple of things I want to mention about this story. 
1. The gift and callings are without repentance but the anointing is optional. What I mean is when we live in the boundaries of humility and worship unto God our gifts and calling find power through the anointing. 
2. The anointing always has boundaries. Operating outside of the anointing is costly and often leads to death. Read the story of Saul. God places boundaries for us and to maintain the integrity of his gospel. Repentance will always return his anointing but not all the time with the same measure. 
3. Disobedience will blind you. After Samson lost the anointing he still tried to perform under it. I see many men who do the same. They try to operate in the gifting apart from the anointing not knowing that their disobedience has blinded them to the fact that they have walk from Gods covering leaving them to only perform not for Gods people but for his enemies. The anointing is here to perform Gods exploits for the deliverance of His people. Performing apart from Gods anointing only entertains those who choose to be Gods enemy. 
This story is so important to the body of Christ today. We need the anointing, his supernatural power. It’s what brings the gospels to life and empowers the believer to live as Christ did on this earth. But disobedience carries consequences. It does not remove his love but it does remove his power until we walk back into humility.

“So it happened, when their hearts were merry, that they said, “Call for Samson, that he may perform for us.” So they called for Samson from the prison, and he performed for them. And they stationed him between the pillars.”

Judges 16:25 NKJV

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