He doesn’t have to scale the walls. When Jesus turns the key to your heart it’s like entering a Secret Garden. Going back to Eden with a world of beauties unimagined at your fingertips. He becomes the vine dresser, turning the winter into Spring, pruning away the dead, unlovely and poisonous and saturates the roots of the fruit trees with his ravishing love. He begins to teach you what to plant and how to grow and you are so excited to learn and happy just to be in His presence.
But sometimes, you start watering what’s meant to die and things that you once thought were lovely have lost their luster. Sometimes, bitter things start outgrowing the sweet things and you wonder where He’s gone. If you feel barren or that your garden is going through a winter season, You need to know, He never left. “I will never leave you or forsake you.” Says the Lord. There is no time or space or grave sin between you. He’s only ever a gaze away. You have simply taken your eyes off of the Master gardener, abandoned what he’s taught you, and unknowingly set yourself above, taking his rightful position. But he is so kind and delights in showing grace and mercy. He won’t take his place by force. No. There has always been a garden. Love has always been a choice. You must give it, freely and wholeheartedly. Only in Him is life.
And when you do…oh when you do…His soft melodies in the wind rush over you and his rain saturates and nourishes the depths of your soul. Life bubbles up and pours out from your spirit into your day and everything you take hold of.
Complacency, pride, depression, bitterness, fear, insecurities, feeling unworthy whatever it is…anything that is not of Him are thieves of life. Don’t hold onto scraps. Hand them over and watch God breath fresh life into you. Don’t settle until you see Eden. Jesus is eternal Spring.

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