The tree of the knowledge of good and evil is just that; a worldly knowledge of good and evil. You will find yourself picking apart you and everyone else through this knowledge of good and evil. You will judge others based upon what you think is good and evil about them. It’s a bad way to go through life. Every time you eat this tree you kill the truth that sets you free.  
Jesus said that we must become perfect like our Father in heaven is perfect in order to see the Kingdom of Heaven. This is truth. You must look like Jesus before you can set one foot in heaven. But here’s a secret, you are made perfect the moment you believe and receive Jesus. You become a new creation in Him. You’re created into the image of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 
You probably are thinking what cool aid is Brent drinking? Well I am drinking straight from Jesus. See the moment you believed you became one in Jesus. Paul says you are even seated in him in heaven as we speak. The biggest error that many reading this have is they still are eating of that blasted tree. You know the one that reminds you how good and evil you are. 
Today make a decision to eat of the tree of Life. It’s time you begin to abide in Jesus! You will like it here. It’s a battle though. The battle or as Paul says laboring is keeping your mind renewed I’m the reality that you are righteous, holy, and above reproach. When you live in this place and abide in Him you will not sin. Ya you heard me. And if you can’t believe it then read it yourself in 1 John 3. It’s time to believe Saints.

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