The baptism of water is a emblem of death. We are lifted out of the immersion as a sign of our future resurrection. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is quite different. To be baptized in Holy Spirit is to be immersed deeper and deeper every day, never to be lifted out, never coming out, it is to be held captive by his spirit, ready for the ministering of his graces.
Holy Spirit calls out to the deep things within our heart. As we remain immersed in His presence we find ourselves abiding in the vine of Christ. In this simple place of resting the vine dresser (the Father) prunes the dead branches of our lives to prepare us for the abundance of fruit. The fruits of His spirit brings life into our lives. This is the abundant life Christ spoke about. It’s heaven literally invading our hearts. 

So stay immersed in Holy Spirit. In the hungering and thirst for the ever flowing righteousness that is in Christ insures us that we will remain saturated in His glorious Spirit. 

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