One of the biggest problems with people not receiving healing through prayer is our inability to admit we struggle with unbelief. Whenever we stand in that place of self reliance instead of humility that releases grace we keep grace from manifesting truth. The truth is that it’s God’s perfect will is that all sickness is crushed through the cross. Jesus said it best when he said “it is finished”! Look at it this way. Faith does not go to heaven and grab your miracle, faith holds its arms open to receive what the cross has already provided.

Let’s look at a few instances. In Mark 1:40 we see a leper seeking a touch from Jesus. He said “If it is your will”. I don’t know about you but that does not sound like the perfect faith that we so often teach is needed for healing. The truth is be truthful with the Lord. Humility see the Father as your source not your ability to try to believe. I want you also to remember Jesus response ” I will”, its always his will. You will never see Jesus tell someone who has pursued him that it is not his will or the timing. Faith is NOW!

We also see the story of of Mark 9:14 with the father who’s son was possessed. He said ” Lord I believe but help my unbelief.” Now this too lacks faith but it again shows a humility of the heart.

The point is this. We all have been given the measure of faith. Now faith moves through love. The more you understand His unfailing love and perfect will the more unbelief has lost is ability to remove the gift the Father longs to give you. Use the faith you have. Remember a mustard seeds worth can remove any mountain in your life. And lastly live in humility! God resist the proud but releases grace upon the humble.

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