My Children have been some of my greatest life teachers. Jesus even made examples of them beckoning us to have child like faith and to come to him as a little child. In their tantrums or mimicking we can see a unbecoming reflection of ourselves. But in their reckless love and wonder…their trust in us…we see what God intended.

The other day my 2 yr old adventure, Levi, gave me one of the best pictures of child like faith. It was early morning, we were all inside except Levi. I had heard him go outside, but we have a fenced in yard and I can keep an eye on him through the window. Realizing I hadn’t seen him for several minutes I ventured out to look for him. Where I found him surprised me. He had pulled a bench up to the swing set just below the baby swing, climbed in it and buckled himself in. Just sitting there quiet and smiling. Expectant. Locked in, he had no other options to get out but me. He desired to swing but couldn’t do it himself. As I approached, His eyes seemed to say, “I knew you would come and swing me.”

“If you live cautiously your friends will call you wise. But you’ll never move any mountains.” (Bill Johnson)

Levi was locked in a swing, unable to get out or even swing by himself. Seemed pretty silly. But then I showed up. Had he not boldly taken the steps toward what was in his heart to do, he would have been in the house doing nothing instead of swinging to his heart’s desire.

When you dare to step out in faith people may call you reckless or foolish, not understanding heaven’s reality. Sometimes you will even question yourself. Because often what God places on our heart seems unrealistic. And really, it is without Him. But you aren’t without Him. Refraining from self effort, you must rest in great expectation that he will do the work. This doesn’t mean you don’t have a part to play.
We are called to walk by faith, not by sight. By stepping out in faith and walking in obedience even when you don’t see the next step ahead, heaven will invade earth and open up a realm of possibilities.

We start actually having confidence that we will have what we hoped for even when we can’t see it in the flesh…because we can see it with our heart. (Hebrews 11:1)

What has God laid on your heart? Are you willing to say yes and be ALL in? To move mountains? Reap a harvest? See the impossible made possible? Will you trust Him at His word and take the unknown path? We don’t wait on God. God is always now. He’s waiting on you to move. Don’t. Die. Hesitating

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