Selfishness is self-centeredness! Anything that takes Jesus out of your center causes everything to become all about you. Sickness, emotional pain and relationships… can easily take center stage in our life causing us to identify ourselves with our circumstances. The way that seems right to man will always take the victim route.  You suddenly become the cancer victim or the emotionally abused victim. I not here to condemn you but I am here to tell you that becoming the victim often makes you the center of your world. It becomes the thing that exalts itself above the knowledge of God and removes you from the ability to receive healing.
Stop the cycle today and allow Jesus to become your center. The moment you meditate on His love and goodness His peace begins to flood your soul. You might say “you don’t know what I went through!” But Jesus does. Not only that but He had a much worse day. Jesus paid it all and the moment you allow Him to whisper “it is finished” upon your heart you will find your fulfillment completely in Him.

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