Hey Brent… I have a testimony for you. I had been aleinated from my son for 3 years since my divorce. He was 15 when he left with his dad and he is now 18 years 2 weeks old before you came to Paducah, I was prayed for at Vina’s and the grief lifted. When you came, you spoke to me one time and then imparted over me a second time. The first time you spoke to me, the only thing you said as you touched me was… ‘What’s been stolen from you will be returned.’ I KNEW exactly what had been stolen… my son. Today, for the first time in 3 years, he is right now sitting on my couch. He is home. After amazing conversation today, he shows forgiveness and is ready to move forward in relationship. Today, what was stolen from me has been returned. A true miracle. Thank you Father and thank you for your servants working as your hands and feet!
Praise Jesus! Let’s pray and believe Jesus for your need

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