I am remind of this today after reading how so many are wavering in truth. Grace alone is not love. Truth alone is not love. Love came as grace and truth. (John 1) I see where many are using humanistic love and calling it the Gospel. Grace does not sweep sin under a rug. It destroys it. I find the problem is we lack the Spirit of truth (Holy Spirit). If I present someone grace without the Spirit of truth (Holy Spirit, His presence) then I have not presented love but empathy.
We need the presence of God more than ever. He must go before us in these times. Holiness is a fruit of Grace. The moment I believe I am made Holy. The moment I believe I am holy I must walk that out with conviction. This is done not by works though it does become a work of His Spirit but through believing.
Sin is destroying our witness. As the Bride we should look desirable to the lost. Instead the world despises us not on our Holiness but our hypocrisy.

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