I fail to love like Jesus so many times a day. Too many times to count! The truth is without His grace I would not love at all. We were all born after the image of Adam so in the flesh is lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. … More Love>Lust

Self Centeredness

Selfishness is self-centeredness! Anything that takes Jesus out of your center causes everything to become all about you. Sickness, emotional pain and relationships… can easily take center stage in our life causing us to identify ourselves with our circumstances. The way that seems right to man will always take the victim route.  You suddenly become … More Self Centeredness


GREAT TESTIMONY OF GOD’s GOODNESS! Hey Brent… I have a testimony for you. I had been aleinated from my son for 3 years since my divorce. He was 15 when he left with his dad and he is now 18 years 2 weeks old before you came to Paducah, I was prayed for at Vina’s … More TESTIMONY!!!

What is Love!

I am remind of this today after reading how so many are wavering in truth. Grace alone is not love. Truth alone is not love. Love came as grace and truth. (John 1) I see where many are using humanistic love and calling it the Gospel. Grace does not sweep sin under a rug. It … More What is Love!