This a vision The Lord gave me this morning.

Oh the captain my salvation. He is not found at the helm of any ship but walking upon the waves and circumstances of life. Twelve of us are huddle together in our fishing boat waiting out the storm as we are tossed back and forth hoping for land. Suddenly we see something in the distance. Our hearts cry out in amazement as we watch the one who never sinks floating across the water. He almost passes us by. His walking upon the water is almost ghost like. We cry out at first in fear only to hear a familiar voice say “It is I!” That voice brings us comfort for He carries the power of God to save us from this storm.

He yells to us to step upon the water where He has reassured us once before that the wind and waves know His name. Again He shouts out for us to come out to Him. As I stood in amazement at the grace of His walk upon that which many before Him met their fate in sinking into darkness. He walked with so much peace as the wind and waves try to overtake Him but still His feet stood upon the liquid fear.

I had seen enough! I was too captivated by His countenance. His peace over-took all the fear in my heart. Years of my wife and family warning me of impeding storms and reminding me of those we loved that were lost in the abyss. Such is the life of a fisherman. But now all my fears have been put to rest as I find strength in His words “come!”

I reach to go over and Thomas reached out to touch my shoulder in concern. I assure Him I am fine. Shouldn’t I be He called Himself the resurrection and life as He rose that man from the dead outside Judea. I place my foot down only to find solid ground. It’s like I am standing on His literal words. Many times I have placed this foot in the sea only to sink but my reality has changed. It’s as the laws of nature have been made subject to me.

I look back at Andrew and smile. I quickly place my other foot upon the water and stand with my full weight. I still remember hearing James under his breath say, “how can this be!” I again fasten my eyes on the captain of my salvation who is no longer walking but with an inviting smile and a gesture of with His hand he invites me to walk with Him. I begin to take step after step which only builds confidence with in my heart. The world begins to fade as His smile overtakes me. I felt His pleasure toward me in my heart. As I walked with all obedience and faith toward Him I hear a shout from the boat. It was John screaming for me to wait as he started climbing over the boat. He longed to be with our master and commander.

A moment that seemed to last a lifetime plays over and over in my heart. I can’t recall all of what happened next but I remember James grabbing John’s hand and pulling on Him saying “NO” “Look John!” As I looked out of the corner of my eye I saw a huge
wave. It was as something supernatural disturbed the water. I could no longer see Him my Teacher for I was petrified with fear with what I was beholding. As I continues to stare at my fate that was moving toward me I began to feel something wet around my legs. I screamed “HELP!” I was beginning to sinking into darkness. Peace had abandoned me in the sudden reality. I was drowning in my fear. My mind flash images of all those I had known who were lost in this watery grave. It was hopelessness that now consumed my heart. How could I have been such a fool to try something like this? No one can walk on water. We were told to fear the Sea of Galilee. It had claimed so many before me.

In the moment of darkness I recall a bright light coming toward me. Suddenly I was at war with in myself. Partly consumed with fear the other peace. The closer the light came the more peace flooded into my soul. I was no longer fighting for my life! Come to think of it I was no longer sinking. It was as the water had thickened around me. I look up through the wind and waves to where my help was coming from. I felt my soul restored. Then I saw Him the captain of my Salvation. He smiled as He shook His head almost as if He was amused. His hand reached out and grabbed mine. I found that I once again could feet the water become solid under me. I looked into His blue eyes knowing a peace that passes understanding. He pulled me to safety. I was now fully on top of the water. With His hand still clenching mine I fell before Him worshiping Him.

We both began to walk to the boat in the midst of a storm but it could not touch us. He comforted me as we walked to the boat. He told me that I was the first of the sons of men to do such a things. He told me that I would do greater things after He leaves. I told Him I never want Him to leave me. He said, Peter I will never leave you nor forsake you! The moment I touched the boat the storm stopped and the stars appeared. It was as this whole thing was to teach me something. I remembered the last storm we were in and Jesus as we called Him calmed the storm with a word and asked us this question, “Where is your faith?” I can’t explain it but when I stare into His eyes faith begins to unfold within me. It’s as He is the author of it. He is and will always be the Captained of my Salvation the lover of my soul.

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