Like the disciples many were looking for a King a Savior, someone how would deliver them from their circumstances. Instead they found a cross. On the other side of that cross they found that they were free. What they thought was bounding them was nothing more then a evil and wicked mind separating them from their Father (Col 1:21). Sin had lost its dominion.

Now many of you also received a Jesus in hopes that life would become better the moment of salvation. But that has not been the case. The reason is that between you and your freedom is a cross. There is a denying of self and a crucifying of the flesh that must take place. Now this seems hard but it takes place in one area of your life. Your mind!

You must renew your mind and place upon it the helmet of salvation. You have to speak His word over your mind till it submits to The Father. Only in they place of submission to the Father are you fully able to resist the devil and he will flee. He will have no place in you if your mind is renewed.

But what is the word you say that renews your mind? The Good News of Jesus! For it is the power of God unto salvation. And the good news says you who have believed are righteousness before you Father. And He chose you before the foundations of the world to be in Him Holy and Blameless before Him in Love. Your not a sinner saved by grace but your more than that. Your a child of your Father redeemed by His love!

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