Peace… How do we get it? How do we maintain it? First how do we get it. Obedience to the Spirit! It is hard to have faith in a life of disobedience. Peace comes from Christ. Christ even said I give you my peace. Think about that! The very peace that Christ had as he took our sins upon himself and hung himself on that cross is ours. It is a supernatural peace. A peace that can not come from focusing on the flesh. In the middle of a fierce storm we see the disciples cowering in a boat with fear praying that they would not die. And their answer comes as Jesus their savior walks on their fear. As soon as they recognize him Peter ask if he too can walk on the thing he feared which was not the water but death. Christ said come. Now this is important, he did not say Peter come but all Twelve to come. As Peter steps out of the boat his feet do not touch the water but the words of his Savior. He walks on th C the O and the M. And as he takes his last step his reality of God in the moment shrinks as his  fear of death magnifies with the storm. Now we know that Jesus picks him up and comments on his unbelief. But this story reveals our own realities.

Here are a couple of points.

1. We fear death over his promise. This means the disciples hated it anytime Christ talked about death, even Peter rebuked him. They even thought it was over the moment he died on that Cross. Before that time no man had came back from death to life. They feared death. Once Christ resurrected we see these same men run toward death knowing that life existed beyond the grave. Your peace is often dependent upon your circumstances and not the finished work of the cross.

2. I give you my peace- Jesus. His peace is the forfeiting of your right to understand your situation but the gazing of your heart into the eyes of Christ. Just like when Peter was walking on the water, as long as his eyes rested on Jesus nothing else mattered. We at times will start out walking on the storms in our lives but we soon realize that we are doing the impossible and we begin to sink in our fear. That is why intimacy realigns spirit and soul and we begin to see his face as seeing it in a mirror and transformed by his peace and he takes us from Glory to Glory.

3. Never give up. His grace is more than enough and his strength is made perfect in your weakness. Even when Peter was sinking Christ grace covered his unbelief and pulled him out of his fear back into Christ peace. I can hear Peter screaming Jesus help me. I don’t believe that Christ pulled Peter to the boat. I see his peace being restored as the hand of Christ reaches to pull him out of the darkness into his glorious light and them walking on the water back to the boat. In the same way when we lose our peace in the storm it is his grace the moment we cry out that releases the grace that restores it all. In the middle of your fear today call out and say King Jesus and watch him take authority in your life. Only believe!!! – Brent Kelley

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